DJ Gary guarantees to be cheaper than any other South Farm supplier in this category with no compromise in standards or hight quality equipment used.

Why is South Farms DJ Gary Cheaper than other Suppliers?

You will find that I am between £200 and a massive £500 cheaper than my competitors that have far less experience in this industry!

Here are the reasons why….
* Official and only South Farm Resident DJ

* No commission to Pay

* Some DJ's hear the word wedding and bump up the quote! I do not do this because I like to be fair.

* We are only 4 miles from South Farm (no added travel expenses !)

* No fancy Showroom for you to pay for! ( come see me at the Farm)

* Family run Business

* No VAT to pay !

* With so many weddings each week I can often leave equipment on site, saving me time and your money!

* I actually Love Music, my job and am very proud to be part of the South Farm family.

For your personalized free no obligation quote please use the contact form below and give the date and any special requirements you think relevant, thank you