" Your day your way"

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One of the most important aspects of my job is client contact. I feel that meeting up in person or by zoom with my couples before their Wedding Day is a vital way for me to get an idea of what their thoughts and requirements are. The meeting also gives me an opportunity to make suggestions on how they could improve the event. However, the final decision always lies with the Bride and Groom.  " Your Day Your Way"
This is my full-time occupation and I make sure that every couple receives the highest level of service from me. My Testimonials page will highlight that I aim to exceed the expectation of my customers.

The most common question I get is: What music do you play?
There is no real answer to that because every Wedding reception is different, unique and tailored to the needs of my couples. The music I play on a Friday evening at a Wedding Reception could very well be totally different to what I play at another wedding the following night. It is for this very reason that I do not have a playlist of songs and they are usually only associated with bands that have a limited number of songs they can perform.

A Professional Wedding DJ should have a selection of music that caters for everyone. The Wedding Disco should be made up of a mix of music styles because there are people of all ages attending your celebrations. Everyone has their own taste in music and it would be a boring world if we all liked the same songs. However, the diverse music preferences of people mean that an experienced Wedding DJ should be able to program the music choices with everyone in mind.
A live band can create a great atmosphere, but they have their limitations. They cannot have the repertoire of music that a DJ can carry and they rarely work for more that 45-minutes, without needing a break for refreshments. Bands can also struggle to get the atmosphere going if their set list isn't working - I've known some bands who stick rigidly to a set list, despite the dance floor being empty.

A Professional Wedding DJ will be able to read the crowd and gauge the need and mood of the guests to tailor the music selections to get the party in full swing.
I carry a selection of songs (40,000) that goes as far back as far as the 1960's through to the current 2024 charts. I need that catalogue of music because it allows me to cater for almost any type of request that comes in. I give all my clients the opportunity to come forward with their favourite music selections because as soon as the First Dance is completed, they must enjoy the evening celebrations as much as their guests.